My 2016 Election Prediction

James DoughtyMonday

Tomorrow it will all come to an end. The day that we have long await: Election Day. By tomorrow evening we will finally know who will be the next president of the United States of America. So before the election begins tomorrow, I want to make a prediction. I predict that at the end of the election there will be one result for all followers of Christ: Hope.

You may think I’m crazy. You may say, “James! Do you realize what will happen if Hillary Clinton becomes president? Do you realize that our religious liberties as we know will be stripped from us?” I realize that is a possibility.

Or you may say, “James! Do you realize what will happen if Donald Trump becomes president? Do you realize we have no idea what he will do and could be the demise of America?” I realize that is a possibility.

But here is what I know with all of my being. Tomorrow, no matter who wins the election, we as believers have HOPE! I was reminded this week in the Bible that our hope is not found in who does or does not become president. Our hope does not rely on whether or not we have religious freedoms or not. Our hope does not rely on our government or the direction of America. I have had people tell me that they feel sorry for the coming generations because of the status of America or the next president. They don’t need to feel sorry for us because we are not hopeless based upon the results of an election or the direction of America!

Our Hope is Christ!

Our Hope rules and reigns.

Our Hope is seated at the right hand of God.

Our Hope has conquered sin and death and has risen in power.

Our Hope looks upon the schemes and plots of men and governments and laughs.

Our Hope has already won.

Our Hope will one day come again in power, glory and judgment.

Our Hope will one day establish His eternal kingdom and whoever trust in Him will have the promise of being with Him for all eternity.

Church, we have a glorious hope! A hope that cannot be stolen. A hope that does not depend on circumstances. A hope that does not depend on elections. We have been born again to a living hope that is secured because of our risen King! And we are to proclaim and show forth the hope we have in Christ. So many people in our area and country are starving to place there hope and security in something. In the coming days, the church is going to be more relevant than ever before because we will be able to show forth the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So tomorrow, as you enter the polls and vote, remember your hope is not in a candidate, but in Christ.

Tomorrow, as you watch the results, remember that your hope does not rest in the results but in the matchless King of Kings.

Church, no matter what happens, we have hope in Christ Jesus!


P.S. Even though we have hope, we still need to cry out for the mercies of God on this coming election. So, our church will be open tomorrow, November 8, from 12-1pm for anyone that wants to come gather and pray. It will be informal and just a time to gather and pray for our nation and that the Lord would have mercy and send revival.