Reach Kansas City

James DoughtyMonday

Kansas City is a classic Midwest city, complete with baseball, jazz and barbecued ribs. Early 20th century writers even regularly tagged it “The Most American City” because of its relative high percentage of native-born citizens. While KC is traditional American city, it is in desperate need of Christ!

The population of KC is 1,969,579, but only 20.1% is affiliated with an evangelical church. When we were driving around looking at the city, there were very few church buildings, unlike our context where there is a church on every corner. The oldest Southern Baptist church in KC is a little over 50 years old. Kansas City is in desperate need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Since there is so much need in Kansas, I don’t believe it is a coincidence that the Spirit has led us to partner with a church plant in this city. I can’t tell you how excited I am about what God is doing with these church plants and how we get a chance to partner with them to see lives changed by the Gospel! Our plan is to partner with one of the church plants. There are three things involved in this partnership: Pray, Provide, Participate. We will pray for them, financially support them and go visit to help them reach the city. Over the next several weeks, I will be laying out a more detailed plan for our church. Check out the video below for more insight into Kansas City.

Church, I am beyond excited about this opportunity to extend the Gospel to Kansas City. This is big aspect of our mission to Reach people. May God give us a heart for the people of Kansas City. May we see the Gospel furthered in Kansas City!