Slowing Down Christmas

James DoughtyMonday

What if you were to take Christ out of Christmas? What would you be left with?

Good food. Family. Presents. Christmas Trees. Lights and Decoration.

I want to ask another question, if Christ was taken out of Christmas would you notice? While I think many of us would want to say ‘yes,’ in reality, we may be so busy with the things listed above that we might not even notice that our Christmas isn’t centered around Christ. Those things listed above aren’t bad or evil. However, we could become so busy with all the “stuff” of Christmas that we have no room for Christ or we miss Him completely.

I believe what is needed for us to experience Christ this Christmas is to slow down. We need to slow down Christmas. What I mean by slowing down Christmas, is that we wouldn’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas and would strive to focus our attention and life on Christ. However, I know this can be difficult. We have become so accustomed to going at such a fast pace that it’s hard to slow down. While it may be difficult at times, I would like to suggest a few things that we can do this holiday season to slow down and keep our eyes of Christ.

1) Make Worshipping with the Church A Priority

It can be really easy to get caught up in all the business of the holidays and miss worship with your family. Of all the things that you could do with you family this Christmas, worshipping the Lord together should be at the top! Nothing is more valuable than to gather with the church to sing and be reminded of the wonder of Christmas. I want to encourage and challenge you to make worshipping with your family a priority this Christmas season. We would love to have you the next few Sunday mornings (@ 10:30am) to join us for worship and to come on Christmas Eve (@ 5:00pm) and Christmas day (@ 10:30am) with your family!

2) Set Aside Time Daily to Focus on Christ

It will be hard to make Christ the King of our Christmas season if we aren’t daily focusing on Him. It is important to set aside time during the day to reflect on the wonder of the Christmas story. I have noticed that if I am not intentional with setting aside time, then it won’t happen. This December pick up an Advent devotional book or read through the Christmas story leading up to the 25th. I want to encourage you to strive this holiday to set aside time to focus on Christ each day.

3) Look For Ways to Serve this Christmas

One of the ways to help take the focus off ourselves is to turn our attention on others. One way to focus on Christ this season is to be Christ to someone. Whether it is serving with an organization, buying Christmas presents for a family in need, sharing the good news of the Christmas story with someone, or visiting those in need, look around you for ways to serve.

My prayer for my life and yours this holiday season is that we would experience the fullness of Christ during Christmas. That our attention would be centered on Him. That we would truly make Christ the reason for the season.