About Us

Who we are, where we come from, and where we're headed as a church family


Bringing Gospel Restoration into our everyday lives as we live devoted to Jesus.

  1. We believe people are broken because of sin and the only thing that can restore our brokenness is the Gospel of Jesus. We desire to see people experience Gospel Restoration.
  2. We believe the Gospel doesn't just change our future but also our everyday life. We desire to see the Gospel restore every single aspect of our lives.
  3. We believe a life that is being restored by the Gospel is a life that is fully devoted to Jesus. We desire to be a people that are fully devoted and focused of Jesus.


How do we measure success here at First Monroe? How do we we know when we are hitting the mark of our mission? We hit our mark when each person is growing into our four distinct roles:

Everyday Follower: An Everyday Follower is someone who is passionately pursuing a relationship with Jesus.  

  • What has stirred your affections for Jesus this week?
  • What Scripture is currently shaping you?

Everyday Friend: An Everyday Friend is someone who is actively pursuing and contributing to biblical community. 

  • How are you currently pursuing biblical community?
  • Who have you intentional reached out to this week?

Everyday Missionary: An Everyday Missionary is someone who is intentionally helping others take a step closer to Jesus.

  • How can you practically help someone take a step closer to Jesus?
  • Who is one person you are helping to take one step closer to Jesus?

Everyday Disciple-Maker: An Everyday Disciple-Make is someone who is intentionally investing in others to see them make disciples. 

  • Are you living a life worthy of imitation?
  • Who are you currently investing in?

Where we come from

First Monroe was founded in 1854 and has a long and rich history for the Gospel in our city. Our church has impacted countless people in our city and around the world.

Where we're headed

We believe the best days of First Monroe are not behind us - but before us! We are committed to reaching our city with the restoring power of the Gospel. We are passionate about following God's direction for our church, and we would love for you to join us as we see the Gospel reach our city and the world.

What this means for you

We believe that God uses His people to accomplish His mission. We would love for you to be involved! If you are interested in taking the next steps, follow to the page below.